The USB, short for Universal Serial Bus, turned 20 on Sunday and apparently, the man who invented it hasn’t made a single penny from it! Ajay Bhatt, Intel’s Chief Systems Technologist, who is said to be largely responsible for inventing the USB technology believes that he did it to bring about change.

In conversation with Business Insider, Bhatt stated, “I don’t do these things for money. I did this to bring about change, and it’s not very often that somebody gets a chance to bring about this big a change.”

The USB technology actually did not offer monetary profits to anyone. The report points out that Intel, who owns all patents to the technology as the first backer of Bhatt’s USB idea, decided to make it open and royalty free from the beginning. Ironically, when Bhatt had initially pitched the idea to tech companies, including Apple and Microsoft, it received a lukewarm response.

He believes that even though, he missed out on a chance to make millions of dollars, his contribution to the computer industry will make up for it. Bhatt adds, “If computers are seen to be easy, then we’ll sell more computers, and as part of that, we’ll sell more chips. It’s a much bigger picture that Intel saw,” Bhatt said. “As the pie gets bigger, we get a piece of the pie, and we’re happy with it.”