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Deskie Wallpaper Changer Ubuntu Linux

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Deskie Wallpaper Changer Ubuntu Linux

What is Deskie ?

Deskie – A wallpaper changer app for Ubuntu , ready to rock your desktop with selection of wallpapers from over 35+ categories which are daily updated !

The above video shows what features are inside the app (version 1.0) .

Supported Ubuntu version: Ubuntu 12.04 and above .

Deskie Wallpaper Changer Ubuntu Linux

Deskie Wallpaper Changer Ubuntu Linux

Current version: Deskie 4.0

Download Deskie for Ubuntu :

[button color=”blue” size=”large” type=”3d” target=”” link=”https://ktechpit.com/USS/deskie_4.0_amd64.deb”]Download Deskie 4.0 amd64 [/button]

New Features in version 4.0:

1- Deskie will not ask for password to run wall-demon at app startup it will only ask when you will use slideshow feature 🙂

2- Improved themes and other functionalities.

3- Speed improvement and clear Grid view wallpaper show case.

New Features in version 3.0:

1- View Download wallpapers in Grid View fast and memory efficient then our old parallax style List View way.

2- More Themes added.

3- Usability enhancements.

New Features in version 2.0:

1- Integration with gnome-walldemon (makes deskie more powerful and lightweight).

2- Check for updates on startup.

3- Themes, Deskie comes with 4 colorful themes.

4- Can open wallpapers in system image viewer.

5- Deskie will know about your wallpaper you currently using and will set it to its background it self , thanks to wallpaper demon  recently added to app which need root permission from user but it make brings the whole new bundle of features which i will be adding soon in future , also due to walldemon it make deskie consume less RAM and processing power when you are running a slideshow of wallpaper specially a slideshow of 10sec and deskie is sleeping in your system-tray .

6- Deskie know what wallpaper you have downloaded earlier !! so it will show a available offline button which will make it clear that you dont have to download it again !! or accidentally user sometime after a long use forget whats in the library already so deskie keep track on whats going on.

Deskie is opensource from version 2.0 here is github repo .

[button color=”blue” size=”large” type=”3d” target=”blank” link=”http://armybharti.in/donate.html”]Donate[/button]


Alternatively you can –

Install Ubuntu Play Store  to  Install and update Deskie On your Ubuntu Dekstop:

It is exclusively available in Ubuntu Play Store and future versions will be updated there too .

Install Ubuntu Play Store :

Ubuntu play Store is like Google’s play store by which you get access to lots of third party apps Developed by Developers around the world . Ubuntu Play store and apps listed in it are maintained by Keshav Bhatt (Owner of Ktechpit.com )

Get latest nightly build version from here :

Download for Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit

Download for Ubuntu 15.10 64-bit

Download for Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit

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